The two students came from Cyprus

The first one named Ioanna Theori and
The second one named Wen Hong Antoniades

The lesson was conducted in July 2008

1. Not caring for the inconveniences caused by the time difference of the fright, they started the lesson immediately. ( both of them are graduates of the Beijing Foreign Language College )

2. The lesson was conducted by Dr. Chan Hok Yau.

3. Foot massage was given to a patient in the hospital. She has tried to kill himself by way of "燒炭" and became "植物人" . Having received 81 times of foot massage by Dr. Chan Hok Yau, she suddenly woke up and cried out: “ My name is -----, I want to go home” The whole hospital was amazed by this incidence.

4. The two students remained in the hospital to receive practical training.

5. Mr. Lai Pui Ying the chief Manager officiated at the examination of foot massage.

6. Dr. Chan Hok Yau officiated at the Distribution of Certificates.

Demonstrating how the two Hong Kong students learning the Rwo-Shr Health:

The 1st one is Yeung Kin Kay and
The 2nd one is Pan Xian Yu

The class was conducted in September 2009

1. The Hong Kong student Yeung Kin Kay and and Pan Xian Yu came to learn the Rwo-Shr Health.

2. Mr. Yeung Kin Kay and Dr. Chan Hok Yau distributed the certificate.

3. Miss Pan Xian Yu received certificate from Dr. Chan Hok Yau. She performed well the whole body massage.

The 2 sister students came from America to learn the Rwo-Shr Health.

The 1st one Chow Yin-tak Nancy (elder sister) and
The 2nd one Chow Yin-wei (younger sister).

Lesson was given in September 2010

1. Chow Yin-tak Nancy on the right and her younger sister Chow Yin-wei on the left, learning the Rwo-Shr Health together.

2. Chow Yin-tak Nancy obtained the certificate. She will then be able to maintain herself good health upon returning to the states.

Miss Lau Kwok Pik Philomena who is a member of the "香港天主教教友傳信會" sent to "恩高" district near "清邁" in Thailand  do voluntary mission work.

Month attending course: July 2011

In Thailand, apart from teaching the local young girls English everyday. She also helps the priests to look after the girls and do missionary work. In order to better equip herself, she purposely contacted the renown Dr. Chan Hok Yau to learn the Rwo-Shr Health when she returns to Thailand.


She not only be able to look after the daily need of the children but also their health. It has been reported that in the hilly district, one can see the snakes everywhere as soon as one opens the door. The children often suffer from abdomen pain and irregular menstruation etc. So having learned the Rwo-Shr Health, she will be able to help them to solve their problem.

Below showing the interview with her by the Kung Kao Po:


Peter C Wan came from Canada to learn the Rwo-Shr Health.

Month of tuition: September 2011

1. How the lesson was conduction.

2. Talk on the relation between the Rwo-Shr Health and the Chinese medical science.

3. Teaching Rwo-Shr Health with the feet by Dr. Chan Hok Yau Ph.D.

4. Dr. Chan Hok Yau distributed certificate to the graduate Wan Chun

Mr. Tong King Tung - a graduate of the Hong Kong Chinese University was interested in learning the Rwo-Shr Health

Tuition was conducted in May 2012

1. During the lesson

2. How the lesson was conducted

3. Training to massage the foot with control of the strength used, the posture and without being affected by the illness.

Below shows how Mr.Tong learned the Rwo-Shr Health with seriousness

Month of tuition: July 2012

1. Master Ngan Hing-kai taught Mr.Tong King Tung the lesson on the vital points ( sinus )

2. Lesson was carried out. 

3. Mr. Tong helps Miss Wong to practice foot massage.

4. Miss Svitlala,who is the physiotherapist of the department of western physiotherapy of the University of Sydney, Australia as well as medical doctor of the Nanking Chinese Medical University was purposely invited to come and give talks on vital points ( sinus ).

5. Professor Svitlala gave talks on vital points ( sinus )

6. Mr. Tong King Tung was graduated in the senior class

Regarding the lessons on vital points ( sinus ), Mr. Ngan Hing Kai, our specialist will deliver the lessons.

Mr. Ho Tze Leung Alphonso came from Canada to attend the lesson

The lesson was given in September 2012

1. While the lesson was being conducted.

2.  Mr. Ngan Hing-kai delivered the lesson on vital points (sinus)

3. He has the opportunity of going with Dr. Chan to go to the Bishop House to do practice and had the honour of meeting the Vicar-general.

4. Mr. Ngan taught the lessons regarding the vital points (sinus) of the head, the neck and the shoulder.

5. President Chan taught how to massage the foot.

6. Having given the privileges in performing foot massage for Miss Kwan, an honorable retired school principal. This served as a graduation examination.

7. Miss Kwan was invited to distribute the certificate with Dr. Chan.

Invitedto teach lessons in DongGuan and the situation in the classes

1. Pcture

2. At the beginning of the class

3. During the classes

4. Pictures with students

Invited togive a speech in HangZhou and SuZhou

1. The national thousand-people meeting held in HangZhou. Chairman Zhu and his wife and I all attended. I gave a three-hours presentation and when I mentioned about cancer, Chairman Zhu was invited to explain specially..

(The arrangement of seat show great respect to me that I sat in the middle. On my right side sat Chairman Yang and Chairman Liao. On my left side were the Chairman of ZeJiang association and TaiWan association.)

2. Invited to be the consultant in SuZhou

3. The photo in KangXin Garden in Fu Jian Province

In DaTang of Wuhan my students and I after classes

The nurses from Ming Ai Hospital visited me at home

The Chairman of Hong Kong Institute Hokyau Chan reported the job to the Chairman Chan and Chairman Chan said hello to members of Hong Kong


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