Example of illness

(1) Cancer of the pancreas

(2) Insomnia

(3) Knee Joint Pain

(4) Constipation

(5) Ischaemic heart disease

(6) Acne

(7) Aczema

(8) Systematic lupus erythematosus

(9) Dysuria

(10) Urinary incontinence

(11) Psoriasis

(12) Diabetes

(13) Stomachache

(14) Epilepsy

(15) Suicide by carbon burning

(16) Pharynx cancer ( not yet spreading )

(17) Cancer ( spreading )

(18) Headache

(19) Reduction of weight

(20) Hoarseness of voice

(21) Cough

(22) Stroke ( finding difficult to walk )

(23) Beriberi

(24) Hypertension

(25) Leukemia

(26) Cancer of the esophagus

(27) Varicose veins

(28) Rheumatoid arthritis

(29) Mouth twitching ( facial nerve problem )

(30) Stroke ( Localized )

(31) Trachea ( poor lung function )

(32) Convulsion

(33) Infertility

(34) Head injury

(35) Heart disease

(36) Sexual dysfunction

(37) Eye ( ophthalmic ) disease and hearing problem

(38) Uterine fibroid

(39) Severe dysmenorrhea

(40) Floaters ( 1000 hrs life saving certificate )

Other illness:

 (1) Cancer of the pancreas:

   In 1982, while I was serving people with the health care

   of Rwo-Shr Health in a commercial building in Java

   Street, North Point, Hong Kong, a woman aged 60 plus

  came in. She was suffering from cancer of the pancreas.

  She was told by the medical officers of Queen Mary Hospital

  that she could be kept alive for only 6 months more.

  When she came near to the commercial building in Java Street, she noted that there was a foot-massage centre, namely the Tin Yau Rwo-Shr Health Consultation Centre. Since it was hopeless to get well in her case by the medical doctor, she thought might as well to try another means.

  I was then quite in-experience in the work. I merely tried to massage all the 64 reflective zones for her.

  I came to realize later that I should emphasize on the pancreas, digestive system, spleen ( anti-cancer ), adrenal glands

  ( steroid ) and the lymph-glands ( both upper and lower body ) etc.

  The days gone by, she said to me, “My feet are just like bones wrapped in the skin, very thin. Can you massage them with less strength? I don’t like to feel painful.” I answered her that

  I accepted her request, but in fact, I dared not to do exactly what she asked for because I did not want to work ineffectively. She understood my good regards for her. Anyway everyday when she came for the massage, she would bargain with me not to use full strength on her.

  On one time when I went to Beijing to teach the Rwo-Shr Health, she thus missed the treatment for 10 days. She suffered severe pain in the pancreas and was advised by the family members to go to the Queen Mary Hospital, but she refused for she said that the Hospital has already condemned her case as hopeless. She preferred to wait for Dr. Chan to return and do the massage for her.

      ( 22-9-2013 )

  Upon my return to Hong Kong, she told me that she felt her pancreas worked and encouraged me to continue.

  After half a year, she followed the schedule to return to Queen Mary Hospital for a routine check-up. The pancreas was found in a satisfaction condition. That meant it has been cured.

  All the members of her family were astonished for her cure. They all came for foot massage: the elder daughter and her husband, as well as the younger daughter and her husband.

  As a matter of fact, all of them are medical doctors. They have eventually given me many constructive suggestions.

  Later on, their whole family moved to Canada.

(2) Insomnia: a certain Mr. Lau suffered from insomnia. He sleeps only 2 hours per night. I gave him massage on the

   64 reflective zones, putting more emphasis on the frontal sinus, large and small brain and the insomnia point. I asked him on the next day, he replied that he felt into sleep at 11pm.

  and slept until 6 am. That meant he has slept for 7 hours.

   On the 3rd day, apart from massage on the 64 reflective zones, I put more strength on the insomnia point, frontal sinuses, the 4th and 5th toes, and solar plexus. The effect was better. He slept from 11 pm. to 7 am next morning. That meant he has slept for 8 hrs. It has taken only 10 days for the recovery.

    Upon the eleventh day, the condition changed. Having slept for 3-4 hours, she could not sleep any longer. Having given massage to the 64 reflex zones, I applied it also to the pituitary glands and the 皮貭素 of adrenal glands so as to cause the production of a glycoprotein MP to induce the head and the cerebellum to feel sleepy. To repeat what has been done before and the results seemed to be improved. The same procedure has been repeated for 20 times. It was confirmed that the illness has been fully cured.

(3) Knee-joint pain and lack of strength.

   A certain lady Y has suffered from this illness for over a year. She was 52 years old and came to my Centre for keeping healthy. I told her that since she has already suffered from the pain for over one year, she is required to do the health exercise 10 times. She did come every day and the result was satisfactory.

    Apart from applying massage on the 64 reflective zones, I paid more attention to the knee joint, strengthen the kidneys and to get rid of infection. Massage has been applied to the cortisone of adrenal glands and the lymph glands ( lower body ) for 3 days. As a result, lady Y did not feel the same painfulness in going up and down the stairs. At the completion of the treatment, she not only felt free of the pain but also gained strength.

 (4) Constipation:

   Madame Chan was suffering from constipation. It took her 3-5days to have the bowel moving even with the help of medicine. I suggested to her to drink more water, with 8-9 cups per day; to eat vegetables with leaves ( i.e with more fiber, oats is also good ), to do more exercise ( at least to walk 30 mins per day ) As for massage, do the 64 reflective zones in sequence: emphasis on urinary system, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum and anus.

     The results were good, after 3 days, her bowels began to work. Having done the massage 10 times, her bowels moved almost every day.

(5) Ischaemic heart disease:

   When Father Martin Ho was making a retreat in Taiwan, he suffered from a heart disease, namely the ischaemic heart disease. He got no help from the hospital., so

  Fr. Josef Eugster and President Thomet M.S. Chan helped him with the foot massage. They massaged on the 64 reflexive zones in sequence, with emphasis on strengthen the heart and empty the small intestines in a water form. After two weeks he was cured and left the hospital. Upon his return to Hong Kong, he asked me to go to Taipei to learn the Rwo-Shr Health, so that the citizens of Hong Kong as well as himself will get the benefit . Rwo-Shr Health Institute International ( HK ) was thus established.

(6) Acne: a touching story of a mother and son

  (A) The story of the mother : In about 1985, a lady from

     Tseung Kwan O (將軍澳) came to see me. Her face was full of acne.

        I followed the 64 reflexive areas to do massage for her  

     and put more emphasis on the cortisol of adrenal glands,

     yongquan, urinary system and asked her to drink lots of water and not to touch them. Gradually, the acne disappeared one by one until none was left.

     She finished work at 5pm. and came to my office at 5:30pm. for foot massage. As she had the acnes on her face, she seldom received invitation of going for tea or for meals, but when the acnes left her, her skin looks very tender. Even when she was with me for the foot massage, she received telephone calls one after another asking her to go courting. Upon leaving me after the foot massage, she will turn to me and say smilingly, “ Mr. Chan, should I have known you 10 years ago, I got married already.”

  (B)The story of the son: 20 years passed quickly.

     One day she came again. She came with her son who was then an undergraduate of City University. His face was full of acnes. Besides he is a fat fellow, not nice looking.

        I worked on him on the same way as I did with her mother for one week, with emphasis on getting rid of the infection, I worked on the cortisol, strengthen the cortisol, the yongquan and the lymph-glands of the upper-body etc., but there was no effect, not even a single acne on the face was diminished.

        I tried again for two more weeks but not even a single acne has disappeared.

        I was puzzled. I questioned myself, is the Rwo-Shr Health useless in this case. How came it worked on her mother but not on him?

     Her mother who was cured fully by me, showed me confidence and kept on paying the fee charged. On the other hand, I was puzzled and getting frightened. I even thought of closing up the office.

       While I was puzzling, the boy unintentionally said to me, “ I do not feel itch any more on my thigh.”  As a matter of fact there are full of tinea growing in the space between his urine and thigh. When I massaged his cortisol ( steroid ) the effect does not go to get rid of the acne but it goes to the joint of the thigh to solve the problem of the tinea. This proves that the body has its own ways of solving its problems.

     When the tinea was cured, massage on the feet continued and the face began to show changes. The acnes on the face had diminished day by day. Thanks be to God. I nearly wanted to give up.

 (7) Aczema: There was a little boy. He could not sleep, could not attend school because he felt itch all over his body. He needed to scratch his body ceaselessly. I asked him to come over and massaged forcefully on the cortisol of his adrenal glands and a few times on his yongquan. He immediately did not feel itch any more.

        Then I worked on his 64 reflex zones in sequence with emphases on the cortisol, yongquan, upper and lower lymph-glands and the spleen. After two weeks he was cured and did not need to have massage on his feet any more.

 (8) Systematic lupus erythematosus:

    A tall man came to my health centre. There were red lines on his face. He proved to be suffering from Systematic lupus erythematosus.

       He told me that he had been a patient of quite a number of hospitals in Hong Kong and Kowloon, but his disease had not been cured. He wished to try Foot Massage.

        In 35 years ago, the charge for each health care massage was 50 Hong Kong dollars. In doing the massage for him I put the emphasis on the dexamethasone of the adrenal glands, the yongquan, the urinary system, the lymph of upper and lower body and the spleen. After two weeks, the red spots disappeared. That meant it was successful. Massage continued for two more months once every day. The red spots on the face all disappeared as well as those on the hands. Short afterwards he found a job, as a driver in a newspaper firm. He then paid me back the fees he owed me as I allowed him to defer payment when he was jobless.

       He returned me some of the money every month. When the debt was almost over, I told him no need to return it any, but he must help his mother to do foot massage for she suffered from systematic lupus erythematosus. His mother like all the mothers in the world, let the best things done to the son even by depriving herself. Although he was not yet skillful in foot massage, but it would bear fruit by frequent application. Besides I taught him every now and then.

 (9) Difficult urine passage, prostatitis:

     It was towards the time finishing work, at 4:55 pm. suddenly I received a phone call, it was from the Datuk of Malaysia. He said that he had arrived at Hong Kong Airport. He asked whether I could wait for half-an-hour for him. He was going to take a taxi to come for foot massage for he had no passage of urine for over a few days already. On my last tour to Kuala Lumpur, I had helped him to solve the problem on prostatitis by foot massage. Thus on this visit to Hong Kong, he wished to have another foot massage.

       I worked on the 64 reflexive zones in sequence with emphasis on purging the prostate gland, dexamethason of the adrenal glands, the lymph-glands ( lower body ), the spleen and the urinary system. There was an intermission for he wished to go to the wash-room to solve his problem.

 (10) Urinary Incontinence ( Bladder over-active )

     1 medical doctor and 3 nurses, they are all female and came from Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They came to register for lessons on Rwo-Shr Health.

       They learned very seriously. I invited the female medical doctor to be the advisor of our Rwo-Shr Health Institute International (HK). They became graduates of all junior, intermediate and senior classes. They could work on all the 64 reflective areas for good health keeping as well as to diagnose the various pains.

      They suddenly invited me to their hospital for a discussion. Finally we reached at a decision to do a scientific text together. The text was on 300 patients who suffered from urinary incontinence ( 150 patients from Queen Elizabeth Hospital and 150 from Prince of Walse Hospital ) My student, Dr. Cheung Wai Lai would be the in-charge and she would be assisted by a big group of medical doctors and nursing staff. On our part, we would send 20 senior students. We then signed a contract on a trial basis. We made a trial on sending 150 patients for Rwo-Shr Health and another 150 patients for foot massage. We then compared the results. Eventually it proved that those who received Rwo-Shr Health gave better results. It also proved that comparatively the Rwo-Shr Health supecedes the western medical practices.

(11) Psoriasis: It happened to a young man that there were patches of hard skin in light pink colour on both his hands and feet. Both Chinese and western physicians have been consulted, but there was no improvement.

       Work was carried on the 64 reflexive areas in sequence. Emphasize on adrenocorticotropic hormone, the spleen, the lymph-glands of upper and lower body, the urinary system, and the pituitary glands.

        After 2 weeks, some of the scars disappeared. Tried hard again on the work. Improvement was gradually obvious after three weeks.

(12) Diabetes: Diabetes may lead to 拼發症 and 尿毒症. When the blood sugar is high, it indicates that the quality of the blood is not so desirable. In transmitting the nourishment to the other organs of the body is not so desirable. In passing out the waste from the body is inefficient. Thus when falling sick, all the other illness appear as well. What we call 併發症 Even the medical physician does not know which illness should be cured first. For prevention, the only way is to do all the 64 reflective zones.

        Next comes the 尿毒症. When the creatinine in the blood reaches 500 umol/L haemo-dialysis or kidney transplant is required. ( 61-133 regard as normal ))

  To prevent this, work should be done on the 腎小球.  There are one million of 腎小球 on each side of the kidney. Totally there are two millions. When the number of 腎小球 is small, the creatinine will be high. To use more strength to do the outside of the kidney, it will help the 腎小球 to grow, the creatinine will decrease. If the patient is too weak or requires to do heavy and complicated work, it will not be of big help. Then may try on the 腎經太谿 of the veins and arteries. It will also help to lower the creatinine.

  Mr. Lau suffered from diabetes. After I have helped him for a few times, he became better. Three hours after he has taken his meal, I used the 血糖儀 to measure his blood, it marked at 9.1. I then applied massage on his feet and emphasized on the outside of the pancreas to stimulate the secretion of 胰島素 to lower the blood sugar. However it should be careful, beware not to come in touch with the 腎上腺 which is situated inside the pancreas, otherwise the blood sugar will rise instead of lowering. To measure it again, it became 6.5, i.e. with 2.6 lower. It indicated that it became normal. Mr. Lau was surprised and convinced.

(13) Stomachache: Mr. Wong suffers from stomachache, spitting sour water, going to the toilet frequently, the stomach is not good as well. I rescued him by massage on the 皮質素 of his 腎上腺, massage on the Yongquan, Spleen, Lymph, stomach and the digestive system, urinary system. I certainly massaged on the 64 reflective areas. As the human body is a systematic entity, it would certainly became better in due course. After a week, he was perfectly cured.

(14) Epilepsy: Here came a young man. He worked in a tourist agency. He suffered from headache, could not sleep well, the secretion was not good, as well as the immunity. Having received massage for two weeks, he felt much better. He was interested in attending the training course, so he joined the elementary class. One day, during lesson, he went to get some water to drink, but he suddenly fainted in front of the water machine and fell down, froth came out from his mouth and he was fainted and suffered from convulsion, I asked the students to dial 999 and call for an ambulance, meanwhile I applied on him massage: on the 人中, 合谷穴. One student said me: “ Master, we are in the Health Centre and yet call for an ambulance, it seems ridiculous.” Then I replied, “ It’s more important to safe life, don’t bother about the face.”

       The sick student awaken and asked me what has happened. When I phoned to inform his mother who asked me not to worry, for this boy used to faint twice a week. Now he received foot massage, the condition has already improved. Nothing has ever been happened in the month. I was then much released. The policemen had also arrived. In hearing what the boy’s mother said, they were interested in learning Rwo-Shr Health. It was so encouraging. I had two more students.

(15) Suicide by carbon burning: an owner of a hair-salon

    aged 26. She suffered from 吸毒 and taking medicine. So much so, the emotion was affected and the couple often quarreled. As a result, she committed suicide by carbon burning. Rescue was in vain at the Tuen Mun Hospital, most of the nerves in the brain were dead. Fortunately she could still breathe. Her sister  came to me regularly for massage to keep healthy. So she asked me to try my best to help her seriously sick sister.      

   It was a long distance to go to Tuen Mun Hospital and the fee I charged was also quite high, but her sister did not bother about this. She paid into my bank account $7,000 Hong Kong dollars per week and I had never promised that the illness would one day be cured. The only experience I got was from helping those people who fell into unconsciousness and the outcome was not bad.

    I worked on the 64 reflexive areas in sequence. She laid on the bed. I had to bend down to give her massage. It was quite a hard work. At the beginning, there was no reaction at all. Her mother stood by to keep us company.

   Her mother persuaded her to quickly give up life so as to be able to have a quick re-birth, rather than on the present condition—half alive and half dead. Her mother said to her “ I have also to look after your children, so I have no time to come to keep you company.”

   Although she was senseless, she was still young looking. She wore only a set of 褂子, and the whole body was naked. The

保健師 must be of excellent conduct, otherwise undesirable things will occur. In the first two weeks, her mother and some relatives came daily to see her, but such condition did not happen in time to come. Three weeks later, there was almost no visitor for her, not even her own mother would come.

   Her sister sent money into my bank account as usual.

   One day she could move her eyes. ( otherwise she just kept them staring) Such condition lasted for a few days.

   The medical doctor said that the back of her body has been badly hurt by burning, for she got up to receive her mother’s call and fell into a basin of burning charcoal. I feared that the wound of her back would hinder the passage of the reflexive zone. Therefore I resolved to work on the reflexive zones of her hands and ears, so as to make her brain to work.

   A few weeks have gone. There was some action from the whole body. Then she suffered from high fever. Whatsoever injection was given to her, the fever could not be cured. I was very worried and kept on phoning to friends seeking for help. Finally Dr. 田洪鎮 suggested me to try to massage on the 間腦 , for it controlled the body temperature. It is more or less situated on the bottom part of the pituitary glands. I then followed the guide of anatomy and eventually found it at the bottom of the pituitary glands. I then massaged on it for two weeks and the temperature really began to go down.

   Totally I applied massage on her 81 times and she suddenly awake and said, “ My name is ___, I must go home now.”

   The doctors and nurses of Tuen Mun Hospital were very excited and asked me to report it on the newspaper as a miracle. I asked them if they could find another 29 patients of the same condition for me to cure, I could then issue a medical essay on it.

(16) Cancer: Nasal cancer ( not yet spreading) massage on the

    64 reflexive areas. The emphasis should be on the spleen, the adrenocorticotropic, hormone, Lymph-glands (upper body) Lymph-glands cisterna, nose, Larynx, urinary system, drink more water.

      Massage was carried on for two months, unclean fluid came out from the nose. Without faradization, not to say using 化療.

   Massage carried on for one more month and the disease was cured.

(17) Cancer ( the case has already spread out ): There are 2 ways to cure:

   (A) To do all but not to follow the sequence. i.e. do where there is a problem, e.g. when not sleep well we then massage on the head of the thumb, the pituitary glands and the adrenal glands to produce the MP 糖蛋白. Then massage on the

      4th and 5th toes again. The results will be good. In case of

      constipation, massage on the colon descendens, the rectum and colon sigmoideum and the anus. Do them completely but no need to follow the sequence. Not to cause the blood to circulate quickly, that means not to cause the cancer cells to circulate quickly so as to prevent early death.

   (B) Do all in sequence, the main points are: the spleen, the adrenocorticotropic hormone, the lymph. All must be treated delicately. Cancer is a weak illness. The treatment used must be with the aims to strengthen. 5-6 years ago, there were two patients: one who did not receive foot massage died early but the one who received foot massage is still alive. (Manager 朱國强 has a lot of this kind of experiences)

(18)  Headache: some one suffered from headache, from morning to night non-stop. The head felt so uncomfortable. I gave him massage on the 64 reflexive zones in sequence, putting the head as the first point, then the frontal sinuses, temporal area, the cerebellum, the Head, the coccyx and the cervical vertebra. Later my teacher Mr. Thonet M.S. Chen told me to search for the point of pain on the cervical vertebra: The point that is painful is on the half way to the 5th point. Whereas Master 田洪鎮 said that the pain of the brain is on the Temporal Area. There is the feeling of pressing. After the massage, the condition somewhat become better. The pain lasted for half a day or 3 hours. The sleep was improved.

         Having done the curing process for 3 times, the condition improved, but unfortunately the work could not continue due to the demand of time. For the lack of continuity , the effect was not so good.

 (19)  Reducing obesity: A female fat Christian came to my office asking for reducing obesity. I worked on her 64 reflexive zones in sequence: The main points were: pituitary glands and thyroid glands. Before and after the foot massage I asked her to weigh herself. It was found that she lost

      1 pound after the massage each time. The massage carried on for 10 days, that meant she had lost 10 pounds. She was very happy and thank God.

      Later I suggested that she should eat more slowly and bite the food more thoroughly. When one feels tired of biting, he should have enough. She has no more money to pay for foot massage, but she began to eat more slowly, so she has lost a considerable weight and began thinner. Plus half-an-hour of exercise every day (exercise meant walking ), she gradually became more pretty.

(20) Hoarseness of Voice ( etc. diseases ) : I was invited to go to Metal factory in Shanghai to teach Rwo-Shr Health. Their manager kept on doing this after his retirement. Every morning when I arrived at the door, a little lady used to be there to open the door for me. On that day, she was not there. I was told that she became sick and that she suffered from hoarseness of voice. She was sick. I asked for sending her to me, so that I would rescue her from her suffering. I purposely massaged on the back of the in-between of the thumb. She cried aloud due to painfulness, but she was then cured. She could talk at once.

          Mr. Lai, the Vice-superintendent of the metal section of their Factory suffered from that that he could not bend his fingers. I massaged on the head of his toes, so he was cured and showed gratefulness to me. The daughter of their engineer suffered from high fever for one month. All medical injection was in vain. I gave her massage on the 64 reflective zones in sequence, putting the emphasis on brain.  She slept well for the night and the fever left her on the next day. All the people in the factory were amazed and wished to learn Foot Massage.

   (21) Coughing: I went with Master Thonet M.S. Chen to do voluntary work in the city of Tai-Chung. We offered health examination free of charge. An old lady suffered from serious coughing. She has gone to the hospital for examination and showed that she was not suffering from any disease of the lungs, so what is she suffering from?

         Master made a X on the 3rd point of her dorsal vertebra on her record. At that time I did not too understand what was that meant for. Later I then understood: the nerve on the 3rd point of the dorsal vertebra goes to the lungs. When the 脊椎骨 is pressing on the nerve, she is naturally not feeling well and kept on coughing. After the Master had massaged on the 3rd point for her, it released her lungs from pressure, she was then no longer suffering from coughing.

    (22) Stroke: An old man has just suffering from a stroke, the blood

        vessels in the brain is no longer bleeding. It becomes steady. Only the hand and the foot on the left side of the body cannot move naturally. Massage on the 64 reflexive areas in sequence. Emphasize on the head,  中腦, cerebellum, temporal area and the cervical vertebra etc. After one week, the condition was much better.

           The Hospital in Shatin is a long distance from my house. However seeing that he has improved, I did not bother about the distances.

           At the beginning he needed 2 persons to support him walking. Later he needed only one person to help him to walk.

        The left hand could begin to move a bit. Three weeks later, he could go with his family for tea.

    (23) BeriberiHong Kong foot is a kind of skin infection disease. Generally we do not do it. Sometimes we do it while we are treating with other diseases. The way to do it is to prepare

       40 pcs of aspirin power, before doing the massage, put on the aspirin power. After one week, although the other diseases remained, but the Hong Kong foot disappeared. To massage on the 64 reflexive areas in sequence.

        Putting the emphasis on the adrenal glands, the spleen, the lymph-glands ( lower body ) and the yongguan . When the blood circulation goes well plus when the germs are killed, the disease will be cured speedily.

            ( 14-4-2014 )

   (24)  Hypertension: Mr.Lee suffered from hypertension, Upper

        (Pa) (mmHg) 173---Lower (Pa) (mmHg)98, The heart was also weak, it went fast, so sometimes felt dizzy.

             I worked on the 64 reflective areas in sequence. The main point was on the step-down point, below the neck of the thumb, above the parathyroid, every time using the forefinger to press down. It would help the blood pressure to go down a little. It was necessary to regulate the food and drink. Exercises were also essential (walking 1/2 hour daily ) Trusting in God, leaving all the troubles in His hands and be relaxed.

           After 3-4 weeks, the condition had improved. The blood pressure record was 158 in the upper and 92 in the lower. It was on the border line. Two weeks had gone by the blood pressure decreased to 139 on the upper and 89 on the lower. Basically he had recovered.

   (25) Leukemia: A patient suffering from Leukemia came to see me. He was about 60 years old. I gave him foot massage for

        2 weeks, working on the 64 reflexive areas in sequence. Emphasized on : the spleen, the adrenal glands, the yongguan, the lymph-glands of the upper and lower bodies, the immunity system. The results were quite good, able to sleep well, ate well and passing out was good. He looked healthy. I did not object to his taking eastern and western medicines at the same time. In order to save money for his son to learn massage, he stopped coming for treatment. He hoped that his son would be able to do the massage for him once when he has completed the course.

           Two years later, a couple from Queen Mary Hospital came to see me. They came on the belief that I could cure Leukemia. I denied, but they strongly confirmed that I did. After reflection, I told them that the merit should go to their son, having no merit on my part. Besides they took both eastern and western medicines. Perhaps this bore fruit.

           They invited me to go to Queen Mary Hospital to see a woman suffering from cancer of the esophagus.

   (26) Cancer of the esophagus: A lady aged 36, suffering from cancer of the esophagus, her husband and daughter kept her company at her bed sides. From the neck of the plantar to the esophagus, there is the reflexive zone. This was discovered by Dr. 田洪鎮 of Changsha. Working on the 64 reflexive zones, placing the emphasis on the esophagus, the digestive system, the immunity system, especially on the yongguan, the adrenocorticotropic hormone and the spleen. After one week, she could eat. Two weeks after, the patient kept on asking me by the phone whatever item she wanted to know including the western medicine which I am not acquainted with. This showed that she is getting well and trust me very much.

           One day, the wind is strong and the rain is pouring. I arrived at the Queen Mary’s Hospital to apply on her foot massage. When I was going to leave, I saw a nurse asked her to sit outside of the ward, so that she could tidy the room. I noticed that there would be something wrong for her. I intended to stop her but I was also aware that the nurse has her code of practice to follow, so I kept silence. I was also aware that I was enjoying their generosity in allowing me to come to the hospital to perform foot massage.

           At about 4:30 in the afternoon, I received a phone call from her husband, telling me sobbingly that she passed away due to alert pneumonia. He thought that she was getting better day after day, so he did not keep close by her side. He never thought of let her leaving this world alone. Up till now I still shared with him this sadness.

    (27) Varicose Veins: A lady who wore cow-boy trousers, pulled her trousers, all the veins could be seen in green colour. They looked like the veins in the legs of an old lady. She worked as a clerk who had to sit down all the time at the table watching the computer or doing other jobs. In lack of exercises, the blood circulation is not good and so there are many green lines in her legs.

           I worked on the 64 reflexology zones in sequence to effect good blood circulation. Emphasis was put on the heart and the kidney. I requested her to walk for 30 minutes every day and drink a lot of water and do more exercises. As a young person, she recovered speedily. One week after, her blood vessels gave a lighter colour. The urinary system has also improved.

           Four weeks after, she came to see me in a skirt. The skin on her feet has improved. It resumed the beauty of a youth.

     (28) Rheumatoid Arthritis: The knees suffering from serious pain, unable to climb the stair-case, so she does not want to go to the market and do the household work. When the weather changes, the pain in her knees becomes more serious.

            I worked on the 64 reflexology zones in sequence for her. I put the emphasis on the adrenocorticotropic hormone, the yongguan, the urinary system and the knee joint.

            After 5 weeks, the condition seemed to have improved a bit. I asked her to walk half-an-hour per day, so as to keep the joints moving. Here after return for massage to keep healthy. One year after, she has completely recovered.

   (29) A wry mouth ( Nerve problem on the face)

         An old lady aged between 50 and 60 with a wry mouth came to

         me for help. She asked whether I could help her. I told her that it was a problem of the temporal area and it might be cured. There will be no harm to have a trial.

          I worked on the 64 reflexive areas in sequence, putting the emphasis on the temporal area ( one of the nerve leading to the eyes, another to the upper jaw and another to the lower jaw. They are called the nerves of the face.)

            In the course of three weeks, the mouth gradually rectified. After 4 courses, the mouth recovered to normal, so I congratulated her for the recovery. But she replied that it has not yet been recovered for whenever she laughed, the mouth is still not in the proper manner. After two more weeks, the mouth remained in its proper position, even when she laughed seriously. It proved that she has really recovered.

    (30) Partial stroke: She aged 80 already and suffered from partial stroke. Her left hand and left foot could not move easily. This old lady scared the pain. Even with a soft touch, she cried loudly for pain and withdrew her foot refusing to be massaged. I repeatedly apologized and promised to do it softly. The strange thing was even with very light touch it brought good results on her. With the support of her servant, she eventually could walk 100 steps.

            Then she asked for a suspension of the treatment. A few months have gone by she could no more be able to do the 100 steps and resumed the Rwo-Shr Health Program again. Repeating doing the 64 reflexive zones , putting the emphasis on the left side of the brain, which is to control the left side of the body. Disruptively she continued for many years and she is still living happily.

     (31) Poor lung function: Patients who suffer from lung disease are usually pessimistic ( according to 五行 ). They frequent do sighing. They are not sure if they are able to see their friends in the month to come. They always cough and suffer from panting. They are uncertain whether they can still see their friends in the month to come. I encouraged him not to be pessimistic for God will take care of him. The people who serve them always wear the surgical face mask to protect themselves from being affected.

            I work on the 64 reflective areas in sequence. Emphasizing on the lungs, the wind- pipe, the spleen, the adrenal glands, the yongguan, the lymph-glands (upper body), the lymph-glands (lower body) and the urinary system. It became better after three weeks. The treatment stopped due to lack of money. One year later, I phoned him. His wife told me that he died in 3 months ago.

    (32) Convulsion: Mr. Lau got up early in the morning. He used to suffer from convulsion. He asked me whether convulsion can be cured by foot massage. I replied that we might try.

            I worked on the 64 reflexive zones in sequence, putting the emphasis on the parathyroid. Two weeks after, the frequency of convulsion after got up from bed has decreased. After another two weeks, the convulsion has disappeared entirely.

    (33) No pregnancy after a long time marriage. A few female teachers in a school in Kowloon City suffered from no bearing of children after a few years of marriage. Father Martin Ho S.D.B. went with me often to their school to do foot-massage for them. We did massage on the 64 reflexive zones putting the emphasis on the prostate gland, ovary and oviduct ( as pointed out recently by an American Christina J. Brown C. H. P. )

        The oviducts of most of the newly-wed women have not yet opened, so the sperms of the men could hardly enter. Thus it will take a long time to become pregnant. Once when the passage is clear, pregnancy will occur. Eventually Father Ho and myself were offered a lot of red eggs to eat. ( For those men who are in short of sperms can refer to the sample given by the University of Science Technology. No further discussion on this will be duel with here.)

    (34) Head Injury: A certain Taiwan youth went to the railway station to say farewell to his friend. Carelessly his head was knocked against the train. Some of the bones on the head were broken and he was fainted. His kind mother did the foot massage for him every day, but he was still not awaken. Time passed as the days gone by: spring, summer, autumn and winter passing away. Two years have already gone by.

             He began to have some sensations and was able to eat something, slowly he could sit up. As the days gone by, with the assistance of his mother, he was able to try to walk.

             To work repeatedly and unceasingly on the 64 reflexive areas, putting the massage emphasis on the head ( the thumb ). The color of his face gradually improved and initially he could speak a little too.

              In 1990, when the world-wide Congress of the Rwo-Shr Health was held in Tokyo, in gratitude to the Rwo-Shr Health, she told the whole world that her son was saved by it. She went up on the stage to express her gratitude. She also showed her gratitude to all those people, namely “the Rwo-Shr Men” who endeavor to spread the Rwo-Shr Health.

             In that Congress, she brought with her the recovering son who came up to the stage like a cripple. Physically she is small in size but she is a great mother. Standing by the side of her son, she received the unceasing applauses of the 6000 enthusiastic audience.

       (35) Heart Disease:  通波仔 3 times. The coronary artery is weak. I advised him to be careful in the food he took, avoid taking the interior of the animals and walk 1/2 hr. every day.

              I worked on the 64 reflexive zones in sequence. When the blood circulation is good, the need for 通波仔 will be reduced. It is better to take good care of the heart and minimize the occasion for diarrhoea. He also suffers from diabetes which ranges between 8 mmol/L.  It needs to eat less and do more exercises. (walking can do )

             After a few months, all proved to be good.

     (36) Sexual Dysfunction:  Mr. Wong was not yet 40 of age, but he suffered from sexual dysfunction. He came to see me and explained to me his trouble with uneasiness. I encouraged him to tell me frankly the trouble that he is suffering from without any uneasiness for it is merely a trouble concerning health.

             I worked on his 64 reflexive zones in sequence: putting the emphasis on prostate glands, the testis, the groin, the reproductive organs, thyroid glands and pituitary glands. I asked him at the same time to listen to the music frequently and be relaxed. To be careful in the choice of food, to have enough sleep and sport activities.

              After one month, he was happy and thanked me repeatedly.

    (37) The illness of eyes and ears: Manager Wong, aged over 80, but she was still busy in her work. Her left eye was red and swollen, it was in infection. Water entered into her ear on the right side was still there, so there was 中耳炎. It was diagnosed in the hospital that her thyroid is weak and relevant medicine was given to her.

           I worked on her 64 reflexive zones in sequence. Emphasis was put on the reflexive zone of the left heel, the Thyroid glands (), the liver ( the liver affecting the eyes) the adrenocorticotropic hormone, the lymph-glands ( upper body), the reflexive zone of the left ear, the immunity system, the urinary system. After 3 weeks, the condition was improved. Do the massage twice a week throughout the years that had gone by, everything become perfect now.

        (38) Uterine fibroid (tumor benign ) Aged 30, house woman.

            It feels painful upon massage on the uterus. It feels like grains when touch upon. It was confirmed as a cancer benign by the examination done in the hospital. Perform massage on the 64 reflexive zones in sequence. Putting the emphasis on the uterus

         (瀉手法) the ovary, the urinary system and the immunity system.

             After 3 courses of treatments, examination was done in the hospital. The cancer was found to become smaller. After 2 weeks of further treatment, the cancer disappeared altogether.

        (39) Severe dysmenorrhoea:

            When a girl begins to have menstruation, she is not yet got used to it, so she often feels painful. No massage should be done during the time of menstruation. It can be done before or after the menstruation period.

            The way to do it is to massage on the 64 reflexive zones, putting the emphasis on the menstruation zone ( lower part of the abdomen ), the uterus and the ovary. After 3 weeks, the condition should have been improved.

       (40) The floaters (1000 hours certificate to save life ):

           A lady who performs foot massage came from Macau. Her surname is Wong. She suffers from the floaters. Apart from learning to cure her eye sight, she needed to learn the higher synthetic course. It is a 10-days course of 10 hours each. She works so hard that she hurts her hands. However, having put on the wound-dressing, she continued her work. She never makes complaints.

            Her floaters are getting better. She works on the 64 reflexive zones in sequence, putting the emphasis on the eyes, the liver, the adrenocorticotropic hormone, the yongguan and the lymph-glands (upper body ).

               The disease of floaters of her eyes is getting better and she was graduated from the senior class.

               After her graduation, she went to the U.S. States and worked in the China Town. Her work-shop was facing the 100 multi-storeys in New York. There are always customers coming to her. The customers asked her to run a branch near their shops so that she will be near to them.

               The Management office asked her to get a certificate from me certifying that she has undergone 1,000 hours of study with me before, an office could be rented to her. I assured her that I could issue a certificate of 100 hours. I could not issue a certificate of 1,000 hours of study for her. She said she would be willing to offer me a sum of $20,000 as bonus provided I could issue her the certificate.

                I then proposed to her that I would provide her books and essays on the Rwo-Shr Health for her to study and prepare for an examination. If she passed the examination, then a certificate will be issued her. ( I estimate that she will be required to study for more than 1,000 hours.)

                Half a year has gone by but she has not yet finished studying all the books that were given her. That building was destroyed by booming by the horrorists. She phoned me in the middle of the night thanking me for having saved her life.