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16th March 2010

Dear Mr. Tsang (The Chief Executive), 

Re: Reflexology commonly known as Foot Message 

The Rwo-Shr Health (Reflexology), which means the “foot message”, is governed by the State Council of the “The People’s Republic of China”. This health care practice is under the control of a specific division of the Health Department. However, the standard for this kind of physical therapy is set by the Labour and Social Welfare department only. In other words, it is governed by layman over the past years in Hong Kong.


Generally speaking, a person can work in this field only after getting the approved qualifications in China. The Department of Health in China has set up the standards for being a qualified practitioner. When the person has passed all the exams, he/she can work in a hospital that will be approved by the Government to heal or protect the health of the patients in this practice.

The standards are very important in our field as they define clearly the meanings of the methods of healings and health care in this practice, so that no people can malpractice or misuse it in some other ways.

How does the H.K. Government treat this practice?

Foot Message is a general name of it in H.K., which is not controlled by the H.K. Government and there are no standards for the practice. However, the foot reflexology is widely spread in the foreign countries, the practitioners have their own specific methods to cure person and for health care. For the past 20-30 years, the Eastern and the Western countries began to learn from each other, the Rwo-Shr Health started to become popular in Taiwan. This method was spread from H.K. to China and it was widely used in China. (There are 7,000,000 persons working in this field in China and they have created 12 million RMB in a day.) The Rwo-Shr Health is also widely accepted and adopted by the foreign countries.

The Employees Retraining Board in H.K. has developed many programmes relating to Reflexology, they are specifically designed to teach the unemployed. Our Institute has created many job opportunities and we have got the award of Creative Partnership from them. Our Institute has cooperated with the department of gynecology of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, we have healed 300 patients. The feedback from the treatment is well recognised with excellent results.

Nowadays the H.K. Government has not yet set up a specific department to control this practice and to standardize the training, exams and certifications, etc. This leads to big differences in standards for practitioners and institutes, resulting in unfairness of treatments to the people of H.K.

I have heard my friend, Mr. Anthony T Y WU at a talk in a National Committee meeting, which is about the Rwo-Shr Health. He is the Chairman of the Hospital Authority of H.K and a member of the National Committee. He supported the work of the Rwo-Shr Health.

Will the H.K. Government support this practice?

I hope the relevant Government Department, like the Civil Authority, the Department of Health or the Hospital Authority of H.K. will contact me, I can provide any information that you may need to support it, set standards for it and legalize the practice in H.K. as it is in China. Finally, I wish you every success in the future.

Introduction of myself:


Rwo-Shr Health Institute International (H.K.) (Chairman)

Hong Kong Institute International Reflexology (Chairman)

China Preventive Medical Association Consultant (Reflexology)

Ruoshi International Health method Special Committee (Consultant)

Social Security of Peoples Republic of China Expert (Foot Reflexology)

Doctor of Eastern Medical from American Coastline University

Employees Retraining Board (reflexology) Consultant

Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth Hospital (The Planner of trial of reflexology)

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Reply from Office of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China



Reply from Government Secretariat Home Affairs Bureau



Reply from The Government Of The Hong kong special administrative region department of health



Reply from Food and Health Bureau, Government Secretariat The Government Of The Hong kong special administrative region the People's Republic of China





Rwo Shr Health Versus My Career                

1979 - 2000 From learning to work

(1) Foot Massage prevails in the market nowadays does not aim at healing. Some people soak the feet into the water containing some of the medicine and they call it Foot Bath. Some even help you to trim the finger mail and brush the shoes. It can be regarded as a profession in rendering services. It will not bring bad effect to the health. On the contrary it may help to grow healthily, but it cannot be served as a healing agent.

( Mr. 烏蘭木倫 Vice-president of Xin Hua News Agency Hong Kong received my treatment for the lowering of his blood pressure and 血糖 in cure of his heart disease and 糖尿病 )

(2) The Rwo Shr Health Method is different. In addition to Maintaining healthy, it helps to solve the problem of a number of non-contagious phlegmatic diseases. It is high demand for the Rwo-Shr workers. They must be able to diagnose the case with pain or without pain, they must possess the basic knowledge of both oriental and western medical treatment methods, knowing properly the position and nature of the 反射區, whether the client is feeling painful or not. This is a typical element for a health and medical worker to possess.

In the circular No 1 issued by
中國國家衛生部 in 1991, it was affirmed that the Rwo Shr Health Method is a simple, applicable, effective and protective, without side effect method to protect one's health, it is especially efficacious for the middle and old aged and suggested that all levels of the hospital to adapt and promote it. (Ref to the circular of 邯鄲市民政局()市民字 1993)

The Medical Hospital of Canton admits that the theory adapted by the Rwo-Shr Health is based on a scientific theory. (Refer to the article attached at the back) Professor
郝萬山 of Peking Chinese Medicine University, from another angle, also proved that the Rwo-Shr Health is founded on scientific theory. (Refer to the essay attached) Besides, there are quite a number of these talks about the advantages of the Rwo-Shr Health Method. (Refer to the essays of the world biennial Assembly.)

( Dr. Chan Hok Yau demonstrated the Rwo- Shr Health Method in the schools.)

Originally I served as the chief editor of 良友之聲 . It happened that our director Rev. Ho Martin S.D.B while in Tai Wan suffered from a heart-attach. He was rushed to 榮總 Hospital to be rescued, but the western medical treatment could not offer much help. We then turned to Dr. 陳茂松 and Rev. 吳若石 for help. Dr. Chan later became my teacher. They used the “按腳“ method to rescue the life of Rev. Ho. Since then Rev. Ho sent me to Tai Wan to learn this method, so that apart from helping him I could help many other people in Hong Kong. Thus I have been in this service for more than twenty years. I enjoy it.

(The Founder President 陳茂雄 , Fr. 吳若石 and Dr. Chan Hok Yau (Formerly named Chan Chong Kon)

As many patients were cured, my interest on the work increased. Later I was sent to teach in Mainland China. Only in Beijing, I taught more than two thousand medical practitioners including Chinese and Western doctors, among them, they were the presidents of the big Research Associations. As time passed, I became their pupil instead because some of them became excellent doctors of Chinese or western medicine. I taught them all that I know about the knowledge and technique of 按腳 but they have not yet applied it to their rich knowledge of eastern and western medical treatments, so that they can share with me the outcome. Certainly they are much stronger than me now. I am glad they do.


陳意驎 (left), Director, President to be, was examined by Chan Hok Yau, Chairman(right), Team Leader Yuen(middle)

The Rwo-Shr Foot Health Congress ( 大連 China 2000)

(In the second line viewing from the front, counting from the left, 3rd person is 黄敬昭 , 7th is Chairman 楊茗茗 , 8th is Dr. Chan Hok Yau, 9th is Chairman 王鉄城 , 11th is吳若石老師, 12th is Chairman 鄭英吉 )

Chairman楊茗茗 deserved to be specially mentioned. He has been my student but his contribution is very big. With the support of 衛生部 and 勞動部he acquired the professional qualification of Teacher of Foot Reflexology and set up the proper standards. It was indeed a big success. It is a natural thing that the student is more successful than his teacher for the Chinese proverb says The green comes from the blue.

(Graduation of the students in Beijing Hospital 292. The class was organized by Mr. 杭雄文 who later became the chairman. They were also taught by Dr. Chan Hok Yau. Dr. Chan taught in 中國研究院 in the interior of China before, but the present one was a bigger group of students.)

The little success I acquire to-day was due to the guidance given me by my teacher and the assistance rendered me by my friends. Therefore I must thank my teacher 陳茂松 ( The Executive Chairman Of Rwo-Shr Health Institute International)

(Chan Hok Yau and his Teacher 陳茂松 in 中央衛生部,Beijing China )

I wish to thank also my other teachers such as Mr. 陳茂雄 , Rev. 吳若石 , Prefect Lai, Professor 鍾杰 , Mr. 陳明仁 , Mr. 陳宗保 and Rev. Ho Martin.

The Director Rev. Ho Martin sent Chan Hok Yau to Taiwan to learn the Rwo-Shr Health to be able to help the people of Hong Kong. 

Besides, I must thank all the pupils whom I have taught (They became my teachers in the course of time) There are also my best friends such as
田洪鎮教授 , 陳意麟會長 , 郝萬山教授 , 朱奕群医生 , 白榮暉老師 , 張館長 , 劉勝利 , 高軍 and 張榮 etc.

(Left: Rev. Josef Eugster who was the pioneer promoter of Rwo-Shr Health to the world.
Middle: Dr. Chan Hok Yau, the promoter of Rwo-Shr Health to China.
王鉄城 President of 医促會 )

This congress was convened jointly by the 衛生部医促會 and 勞動部 for the purpose of academic pursuit as well as for confirmation of qualifications. The congress was conducted by Chairman 楊茗茗 .

From the left: 白榮暉 , 楊茗茗 , Chan Hok Yau, 張泰昌Centre Director, 劉勝利 , 高軍

Matron 耿西苑 ,Teacher吳茵 , Chairman 楊茗茗 , Chairman 顧培德 , Mr. 沈伯新 , Professor 張雲麟 , Dr. 封進啓 , Chairman 杭雄文 ,

Mr. 陳志遠 , Mr. 徐尚元 , Madam 孫向鴻 , Professor 黄永昌 , 樂力 , the former Department Head of Medical Department, 深圳 林道立 , the former Director of 廣州 Medical School, 劉正紓 , person in charge of Medical School, Director 謝平 , Professor 孫玉發 , Professor 温宗弈 , Dr. 李潔

( Mr. 何界生 (left) the former Assistant Director of 衛生部 presents a gift to Dr. Chan Hok Yau (middle), Mr. 劉清繁 (right), 何界生, the former Assistant Director of 衛生部 , 閻明復 , the Chairman of 慈善總会

(left: Mr. 劉清繁閻明復 (慈善總主席) Mrs. 閻吳克良, Dr. Chan Hok Yau)

莊炎林, the former Chairman of 僑联 , 王蒙 , the former director of 文化部(from the left: Mrs. 王蒙 , 王蒙 , Dr. Chan Hok Yau and the staff taken in the Center)

朱烈 , Director and Editor of the former 世界知識出版社, 鄭英吉 , President of Taiwan, Professor 李瑞成 of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Lecturer 孫桂萍

Dr. Chan Hok Yau gave lecture at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and attended the physical lesson.

Dr. Sieglinde Weinberger of W. H. O.

What the representative of W. H. O. says about the Rwo-Shr Health brings great encouragement to the learners and workers.

Christine Issel, Bill Runquist, Mallory E, Warren, Yuan Piao Chang from America, Aunake Von, Twont From England, Inge Dougans from South Africa, 吳星瑩 from Singapore & Malasia李福同from Korea, Chee Sui Hong from Thailand, Sandi Rogers, Linda Lin from Australia, Christina J. Brown C. H. P. from America, Catherine I. Bonlanger from Germany, Yenny from Indonesia, Sheng Kerng Hui, Henares Spain from Spain, Chen Chu Pao from Italy. Agnes Lien-Dschu TSCHEN from Austria, 峰山博己 from Japan, Shirley Voo from Saba, Lin S. H. Mei from Brazil, Leong Mee Suin from汶萊. From Hong Kong there were Miss 方芳, Miss 梁綺雯, Dr. 麥燕瓊, Father Ho Martin S. D. B. , Teachers 陳劉渭娟, 林廸文, 楊蓮蒂, 黎愛福, 劉志誠, 蔡麗吟, Miss 高杰 and Father Wu.

(From the left: Chan Hok Yau, Catherine I. Bonlanger, Miss )

From Canada were Ruby Bisson, Donald A. Bisson, Mary Gidson, Siu-Kei Kwok. Rena was from Greece. Marda-Shavelaky MIIR. I extend to them my gratitude.

( Christina J. Brown and Chan Hok Yau at the World Congress 94 )

I learned with my patients. Whatever illness they were suffered from I would check and learn from the respective medical books. For this I wish to extend my grateful thanks to each one of them.

( Fr. Josef Eugster and Chairman 鄭英吉 were teaching me how to rub the feet and the hands for the patients.)

This method is adaptable for both oriental and western medical treatments. The new medical association jointly organized by the oriental and western medical practioners regard it as an excellent example of co-operation between the eastern and western medical practioners. I was awarded a First Class Prize from the Country-wise Congress on new medical treatment held in 廣州 .

Copy of the certificate of the prize mentioned above.

Recently, I have a new way in looking at the 足部反射區 of the various countries of the world. I tried to explain it in my essay “ 震動世界 ”全息反射構想圖 Gratitude is due to Sr. Susan Koo SPC for the drawing.  28.5.2000 noon Chan Hok Yau

Every foot reflects a whole person, some in the left foot and others in the right foot. I have taught the students of the second group of 按摩科 in 廣州医學院.  They have admitted me as their alumnus too. Besides I have also taught in the 陸軍總院 、北師大 、 中央辦公廳  etc.

(Courses I held in the Central office)

( Courses held in the 陸軍總院 )

Furthermore, communing with a number of well-known personnel


( with 常委李瑞環 )

( with Mrs. Auson Chan, the 布政司 of Hong Kong)


( Left: Dr. 胡鴻烈 , Rev. James Won, Rev. 麥雪光 attended the celebration of the re-opening of the 天友中心 )

(Right: I am serving Mr. 陸定一 , an elder getting treatment in 301 Hospital, on foot Reflexology)


(Left: I have served the senior 薄一波 with the Rwo-Shr Health Method. His son, Mr. 薄熙來 , the mayor of 大連 was also interested in it)

(Right: I received the PHD Certificate from the 科斯特蘭 University of America. )

 I was invited as a medical practitioner of Hong Kong by the 衛生局 of 深圳 to 深圳 to enjoy Laichee. The Medical Bureau of Hong Kong also treated me as a medical doctor and asked me to go with them.

(From the left: the 3rd person is Dr. Chan Hok Yau, the 4th is Mrs. 陳馮富珍 , the Director of Medical & Health Dept. Hong Kong, the 5th is professor 欒力 , the former 深圳衛生局局長)

I served in this profession for a long time. Most of the practicians in the Mainland were my students. I have been purposely invited by 衛生部中華預防医學會足部健康法專業委員會 to serve as advisor. This is the highest honour one will achieve in this profession.

The Rwo-Shr Health Method has not been well known in the various countries in the world. In the universities of Singapore, if one wants to learn the Rwo-Shr Health Method can refer to the insurance firms of Austria for payment. It is recognized by Britain, but it can only be carried out by the physicians. It could be reimbursed by the 中國公費医療辦公室.

( The certificate of appointment issued to me by the中華預防医學会學術會務部)


Besides, I taught nearly 200 students in Hong Kong, performed social work frequently and went around to give speeches freely.

I taught in the St. James 福群會 (as shown in the photo on the top left ) I went to the Catholic churches and schools to give speeches and served the voluntary organizations, youth centres, aged homes and social centres. So much so I obtained a platinum certificate of award.


( Platinum Certificate of award given to our association by the Hong Kong Urban Council. )

97 World CouncilRwo-Shr Health Study Congress was held at Hong Kong at the beginning of March 1997. It was attended by more than 300 representatives from 25 countries. The Hong Kong Tourist Association presented a lion dance free to the gathering. It was a rememberable occasion.               

( Closing ceremony of the Congress held in Hong Kong 97, Left 34 President 陳茂松 & wife,  left 5 Mr.賈蘇, Personal representative of 何界生, Vice department head of Hygiene, left 6, Dr. Chan Hok Yau, Chairman of Congress 1997 )

In the last 20 years I have cured thousands of patients, about 50 were of heart troubles ( most of them suffered from 心肌梗塞 plus 心率不齊  etc ), hundreds of them suffering from 神經衰弱, and no sound sleep (including stroke ), another hundreds from 內分泌不調 (including 紅班狼瘡、青春痘 etc.) a few hundred suffering from 免疫系統受損 (including 氣管炎、鼻敏感、some 腫瘤、 some 皮膚病 etc ) a few hundreds suffering from mal-digestion, a few hundreds were weak in 排泄系统 (most of them were weak in kidneys, and suffer from undesirable 大便 ) a few hundreds were not good in the physical exercises organs ( 關節炎、骨科病 ) Tens were weak in 呼吸系统,  Two persons were suffering from cancers in the 鼻咽, ( There were signs of improvement, some of them adopt 西医電療 . It is difficult to match with化療,  for the harm to be done is too big. )

(陳茂雄、 Josef  Eugster Chan Hok Yau  陳茂松in the World Congress 1988 )     Since the Congress twelve years have elapsed. There have been big changes, but it is hoped that friendship will last forever




Some of the Activities in 2000-2005

( Supplement to the important photos of 80s )

In the 80s our Institute had taken a group photo with most of the members such as Rev. Ho Martin S. D. B. ( 3rd line from the top 5th from the left ), Mr. 陳茂松 , the Executive President of the Central Council on his right, 陳明仁, 教育部長, 李星先生, 中联辦文體部部長 , his wife Madam 邢籟 , 中央政協委員 and Miss 梁綺文, our secretary. On his left was Rev. James Wan, Mr. 羅友聖, Manager of the Tai Koo Shing Estate, Rev. Henry Woo OFM, Chan Hok Yau, the President of Hong Kong. Seating on the floor in front of me is Miss Fong Fong, the Manager of天友公司.  To my right at the back is the Sister Principal of Tak Sun School.

中央台辦負責人汪峰副主席 is my best friend. He obtained good results from the Rwo- Shr Health Method, but he was afraid of the pain. We were taken at the 北京飯店.

Fr. Josef Eugster came to visit me .

中華預防医學會足部健康法專業委員會   convened a country-wise congress in 武漢.   Being their advisor I was invited to join them. In the photo below, I sat on the 7th seat in the front row. To the right is the President 陳意麟 ( medical doctor, serving Vice Director of 宣武医院 Beijing )

Below: The country-wise Rwo-Shr Foot Health meeting organized by 楊茗茗 in Beijing. It was co-organized by 医促會 . Dr. Chan Hok Yau (standing) President of Rwo-Shr Health Institute International (HK) delivered his speech. Fr. Josef Eugster on his left, 王鉄城, President of 医促會 on his right.

The golden colour plaque below was awarded to me by two important organizations of China i.e.國家職業資格工作委員會足部按摩專業委員會 and 中國医療保健國際交流促進會若石健康研究會 as a token of gratitude for what I have contributed to the Rwo-Shr Health Method.

Speaking to the National Meeting held in Beijing 2000 ( Organized by 楊茗茗, the Chairman )

Delivering a lesson on the Rwo-Shr Health Method at the Hong Kong Polytechnic.

Demonstration lesson on the use of 八福踏板

The photos below show the meetings of the 理事會 which was born by election. They were held monthly in the house of the President to discuss matters concerning development, promotion and social services of the Institute.

Mr. 林廸文, the former 副團長 of 教學團 was invited to be our 顧問


Professor 田洪鎮 ( a doctor of western medicine, who has studied 按腳 for over 30 years, was elected chairman of Hong Kong Institute International Reflexology) came to Hong Kong to give lessons, especially on the 反射區 and 手法 of the ear and the hand. 

The picture below shows the demonstration lesson.

In the 1st picture below, the 1st person on the right is Professor 田洪鎮

The picture on the left showing the attendance of the students.



 The photo below shows I was invited to give talks in 廣東東莞


 The photo below shows that President Chan Hok Yau was invited by Tung Wah Hospitals 呂馮鳳 Memorial Kindergarten to talk to the parents on Rwo-Shr Health.


 僱員再培訓局 invited me to serve as advisor, responsible for the teaching materials on Foot Reflexology, Examination and Teacher-training etc.

The appointment letter is shown below.


  The pictures below show that Chan Hok Yau was invited by 僱員再培訓局  to give talk on Rwo-Shr Health (international)

Mr. 楊茗茗, President of 健康法專業委員會 invited me to serve as advisor, Handbook Certificate:


Copy of appointment letter

The photos below showed that I went to the Headquarter in Taipei to learn from Chairman 陳茂松 the technique on 點穴 . A certificate was issued to me at the graduation ceremony. I admired the teacher could simplify the complex 穴位 into the simple numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 so that the students are able to learn them.

The picture below was taken during the joint study of the Rwo-Shr Health Institute International and the staff of Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Voluntary 26 members were assigned by our Institute to help the patients in the hospital to relief them from their pains by foot massage. These voluntary workers were not scared by the 沙士病.  They left only when the job was completed. The Hospital Authority in their report, both English and Chinese showed great satisfaction.

The Vice superintendent and Dr.張麗偉, the doctor-in-charge of 婦科 presented Vote-of-thanks to Dr. Chan Hok Yau, the Chairman of Rwo-Shr Health Institute International.

A thank-you letter was given to each voluntary helper.

In 1991 I had already graduated from the special course on Foot Reflexology. As I wanted to gain new knowledge, I spent some ten thousand of dollars to go to the Headquarters in Taipei to receive a special training once more. Thus I received another certificate on special training after more than ten years ( 6-10 Dec. 2004 )

In 2002, the Main Association in Taipei held the 20th Annual Meeting, I took part in it, so as to meet my acquaintances. Fr. Josef Eugster, the Honorary President presented to me a certificate of honour ( without the national flag ) The 4th person from the left is myself. Fr. Eugster stands on my right. The Chairman of various countries were on both sides.

WHO and WHO ? The most renown association in the world, gathered together all the awardees of Nobel Prize and inventors. I was also invited to join it and I did.


楊茗茗 organized an international seminar in 大連, Fr. Josef Eugster and myself were also invited to attend it.



During his en-route to Hong Kong, Fr. Josef Eugster visited myoffice and association. He gave useful advice. President Cheng was also present.

The Certificate of CHC

I was introduced to the public by the T. V. “隱世医術”I invited them to Beijing to see my students and Mr. 楊茗茗, the Chairman of a few working committees at the country-wise level.

In the photo below, the 1st person on the right is 楊茗茗, 3rd on the left is Chan Hok Yau and the rest are the workers of T. V. station.


 The specialists of 珠海國家勞動部 held meeting and I was invited to give them lessons.


Specialist Certificate issued to me by the 國家勞動和社會保障部


Certificate issued to me by the International Council of Reflexologists ( effective until 2006 )


 Speech given in the garden of Lei Yue Moon ( Internal )



 Activities held by our Association: Boat tour



 B.B.Q. at the garden of Lei Yue Moon



 After the establishment of 理事會, more activities were organized. Besides, under my guidance, academic activities were also developed, e.g. study on comparing 湧泉穴(中國腎) and the western study on kidney. As well as continual study on人體投射  one foot or two feet. 

Mr. Robert J. Wussler, one of the founders of CNN USA went to the famous Massage Hospital in Beijing for complete body massage. Since he is advanced in age ( about 75 ) and has undergone 3 operations previously in 8 months, he must undergo an examination on the heart by Dr. Chan Hok Yau to ensure his fitness. ( This case was recommended by Mr. Lau 清繁, a benefactor of the Headquarters. )


He was then undergone a whole-body massage by Dr. 王友仁 who was present when I gave lessons on foot massage in the Foot Massage Hospital in Beijing. We are actually old friends.

On 9. 9. 2005, it happened to be my birthday. Officer 楊茗茗 and some of his assistants celebrated it for me. It was so impressed. ( a bowl of long-lived noodle was specially made. )

Mr. Lau 清繁, benefactor of our Headquarters came to Hong Kong to take part in our routine discussion sections. He brought with him 3 prominent medical personnels, namely: Mr. Mike Burke, Mr. Mike Cheek, Mr. Ronald Dzieziula. Mr. Lau and his guests were invited to present to Chan Hok Yau Ph. D 全國副主任級永遠專家稱號的証書. Besides, similar Certificates were also given to 黄敬昭, 黎沛英, 楊蓮蒂 ( There was a total of 100 persons who received the similar honour. )

Memorable T. shirts were given to the guests of honour as a souvenir of their visit.

On 11-13 Nov. 2005, the 1st country-wise seminar on Chinese medicine and foot care was held in the University of Chinese medicine, Nanjing. I served as vice-chairman of this seminar.

In the seminar, I delivered a speech on “反射學研究路向隨想” pointing out the topic that should be discussed, it should serve as a guide to the whole country as well as to the whole world: whether a person 投射 on the two feet or on one foot. Where is the kidney? 湧泉穴 and the kidney in term of anatomy? How to combine the Chinese and the Western method? 投射 half of the body or the whole body? The 7 routes of 傳導? What are the zone to be used for foot massage? Are the foot reflex zones more suitable?  etc.

The seminar was crowded with attentive attendants. I sat with 楊茗茗.  In the right, there was President 黄敬昭 and in the left was the secretary 何伊達.

The Hong Kong delegation consisting of 11 persons plus the Vice-chairman 楊茗茗 making a total of 12.

Apart from 楊茗茗 and myself, 黃敬昭, 黎沛英 and 何伊達 presented their essays.

The following is a copy of the Certificate of honour that I received.

The following is a copy of the group photo. Vice-principal 蔡寶昌 is in the middle, next to him is myself and 楊茗茗. On the other side are the Japanese specialists.


Vice-principal 蔡寶昌 came to Hong Kong and made a visit to our Association. We were encouraged to do our best.  He indicated that with our co-operation a new teaching department will be established. Consequently a renown Foot Centre will then be established. 




Presentation of Prizes to Meritorious Personals of the 50 at the
Qiao Lian of Harbin city plus the celebration of my 70 years Birthday


The Qiao Lian of Harbin congratulates Mr. Chan Hok Yau Ph.D. for being awarded the 50 years Meritorious Service Prizes and for a Happy Birthday.
2010. 09




International Foot and Life Cultural Festival at Hangzhou 2010

I was invited by the Government of Hangzhou to attend an International grand gathering. Mr. 楊茗茗, the officer in charge from the State Council CHC came to welcome and fetch me at the airport.


Foot Care including foot reflexion, the Rwo-Shr Health and all means for maintaining good health for the feet, no matter they are theories or practices.


Representatives coming from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Changsha, Shandong, Sichuan etc. There were also guests coming from: Hong Kong, Tai Wan, Seoul Korea and Japan.


The 1st person sitting on the left at the chairmans table is Chan Hok Yau Ph.D. (former name: Chan Chong Kon) Chairman of Rwo-Shr Health Institute International (HK)

Examination on the patients at the hall at Hangzhou.
The patients will then be given treatments by the students.
The hall can house a thousand of citizens.
Being the teacher of
杭雄文 and 楊茗茗, I have been given the first chair.

The city is bustling with the ladies dancing on the festivals.
They danced with the basins for the foot massage in their hands.
They danced gracefully.

Photo taken with Officer
楊茗茗 on the bank of Chien Tang Chiang.

The venue of the Conventional Centre here is circular in shape and looks beautiful.

In the evening, President
王新民 of the Foot Bath Association of Hangzhou invited me to give a talk to his students on the new knowledge on Foot Reflexology. I gave them a talk on the positions of the yongguan and the kidneys as regarded by the western world. It further proved the efficacy of the 腎小球 and the adrenal glands.

Their Chief secretary
金咏紅 (the former mistress of the Womens League) managed the gathering perfectly well,

taking care of everything, from the less important matters to the future development. She ordered us, all the workers took a photo.